Luke Shelton Named Editor of Mallorn

I am delighted to tell you that I have been named the new editor-in-chief of Mallorn: The Journal of the Tolkien Society.

mallornI am thankful to the Tolkien Society for their belief in me, and I hope to be a portion as professional and insightful as my predecessor, Rosalinda (Ro) Haddon.

Together, my editorial team and I hope to make Mallorn into a publication that scholars want to be a part of and an essential part of any Tolkien scholar or fan’s yearly reading list!

We have a lot of brilliant things planned, and I can’t wait for you to see them!

You can find out more about Mallorn from the Tolkien Society’s Publications page or Mallorn‘s Facebook page.

If you want to find out more about the society itself and even become a member (which I have always recommend, but now even more in order to get access to Mallorn) then visit their website.

If you want more information or updates from me, you can follow my Tolkien-related account on Facebook, or find my personal or Tolkien accounts on Twitter.

Announcing the Tolkien Experience Podcast!

Hello everyone,

I can finally tell you the exciting news that we have been working on! Today is the official announcement of the Tolkien Experience Podcast!



I [Luke Shelton] have partnered with The Prancing Pony Podcast and Dr. Sara Brown to put together a podcast that compliments the Tolkien Experience Project! The Prancing Pony Podcast hosts, Alan and Shawn, have been so gracious in teaching me how to be a podcaster (my poor interviewing skills aside) and partnering with me to help promote and support the idea. Sara has been equally gracious in agreeing to co-host the podcast with me!

The Tolkien Experience Podcast (TEP) is an attempt to bring the fan and scholarly communities together around our shared passion: the works of J.R.R. Tolkien! Each episode features a notable scholar or member of the fan community sharing their responses to the original Tolkien Experience Project questions.

The official page for the Podcast is up now!

Our first episode will release on The Professor’s birthday: 3 January 2020.

New episodes are scheduled every other week, guest availability permitting!

The first episode will feature Dr. Dimitra Fimi answering the Tolkien Experience Project questions and sharing her first and fondest memories of Tolkien with us!

We will be setting up the streams over the next week, and the podcast will be available from all of your favorite streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher!

You are also able to receive emails when new episodes are published (along with my other Tolkien-related content) by following my blog using the email bar on the right side of the page (the bottom of the page on mobile)!

Prancing Pony Podcast Partners with Tolkien Experience

Last week, we told you that Sara Brown was joining Tolkien Experience. This week we are delighted to share another important partnership as we prepare for a big change (that we will announce next week)!

smaller ppp logoWe have partnered with The Prancing Pony Podcast to help us bring something new and exciting to The Tolkien Experience!

The Prancing Pony Podcast (PPP) is a weekly podcast hosted by Alan Sisto and Shawn E. Marchese. Each week, they discuss a part of Tolkien’s Middle-earth Legendarium, and they have been going strong for almost 150 episodes!

Luke has been an avid fan of their podcast from the beginning and would recommend their unique blend of research and quirky humor to any Tolkien fan!

We are delighted to partner with them to bring you a brand new way to interact with the Tolkien Experience. Want to see what that looks like? Come back again next Friday for our big reveal!

Dr. Sara Brown Joins Tolkien Experience

I told you this month would have a lot of exciting announcements for the Tolkien Experience!

bio-sara_brown-263x263The big reveal I have for you today is that Dr. Sara Brown has graciously agreed to join me so that, together, we can make the Tolkien Experience even better! I am thrilled to work with such an excellent scholar and an even better person!

I have known Sara for five years, since she was a preceptor in a course I took at Signum University. Since then, our research interests have overlapped several times, and I am excited for the chance to collaborate with her on a project that we are both enthusiastic about!

Sara Brown is an educator and Tolkien scholar. You can find a short bio of Sara in the Signum University directory, where she acts as both a professor and administrator.

To welcome Sara to the community, you can follow her on Twitter!

Tolkien Experience Project Update!

Hello, dear readers!

I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that something very exciting is happening to the Tolkien Experience Project!

I wanted to share the news here first. I appreciate the fact that you follow my blog and I wanted to let my dedicated readers know before anyone else! I will be sharing this same announcement on social media later today.

A big change is coming in January and I am so excited I can barely contain the news!


For now, I wanted to let you know that I have changed some of the social media accounts for the Tolkien Experience Project:

–On Facebook, you will now find it as @TolkienExperience (if you are already following, this name change will not affect you!)

–I have created a dedicated Tolkien Experience Twitter account: @TolkienExp

–And a dedicated email address for it:


Keep watching here and on the social media accounts for exciting updates and announcements all month long!

Again, thank you so much for your readership! The support of this community has meant a great deal to me since I started the blog.


Tolkien 2019 Announcement

Hello friends, I wanted to share some exciting news with you.

I will be attending the Tolkien 2019 conference in Birmingham, England this August!Tolkien-2019-logo

I will be presenting a paper entitled “The Lord of the Rings, Young Readers, and Questions of Genre”. I would love for anyone interested in my research to attend!

I am very much looking forward to meeting up with friends and colleagues, as well as participating in the largest event ever hosted by the Tolkien Society!

If you would like more information, the event staff have posted a full schedule of events!

LotRFI–Signing Off

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to add a postscript to this project thanking you all for joining me on this fun journey to reconstruct my first reading of LotR! If you want to revisit any of my First Impressions series, you can see them all listed at the index page.

This series is over, and I am planning a little hiatus while I work on completing my PhD dissertation on Tolkien! Don’t be sad, though, because I have two important announcements to share with you!

First, I will continue to post the Tolkien Experience Project over the hiatus. Second, I am already contemplating what my next series of posts will be. So you will still have weekly content from the blog, and even more will follow soon!

Thanks again for supporting me in my journey to explore how many readers respond to and interact with Tolkien!