Dr. Sara Brown Joins Tolkien Experience

I told you this month would have a lot of exciting announcements for the Tolkien Experience!

bio-sara_brown-263x263The big reveal I have for you today is that Dr. Sara Brown has graciously agreed to join me so that, together, we can make the Tolkien Experience even better! I am thrilled to work with such an excellent scholar and an even better person!

I have known Sara for five years, since she was a preceptor in a course I took at Signum University. Since then, our research interests have overlapped several times, and I am excited for the chance to collaborate with her on a project that we are both enthusiastic about!

Sara Brown is an educator and Tolkien scholar. You can find a short bio of Sara in the Signum University directory, where she acts as both a professor and administrator.

To welcome Sara to the community, you can follow her on Twitter!

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