Conference Paper: Eomer Gets Poetic: Tolkien’s Alliterative Versecraft

Two weeks ago, the Open Access Journal of Tolkien Research agreed to publish the paper I presented at the 2018 Tolkien Seminar in Kalamazoo:

Shelton, James (2018) “Eomer Gets Poetic: Tolkien’s Alliterative Versecraft,” Journal of Tolkien Research: Vol. 5 : Iss. 1 , Article 6. Available at:

The paper is a very basic introduction to Alliterative Verse, and Tolkien’s particular dialect in The Lord of the Rings. It then goes into exactly how the use of alliterative verse impacts the reading of the story for a modern audience.

You can view the full paper by clicking the image below:

**Please remember: this is not a peer-reviewed article. It is a conference paper, so it represents ideas in process and not a finalized product.

Kalamazoo Report (2018)

I have recently returned from the 54th International Congress on Medieval Studies, where I attended several wonderful paper presentations and had the opportunity to network and promote my PhD Research!


There were so many great papers and resources shared that I do not have enough time or space to recount them all, so here are a few that are easier to share quickly:

Tolkien fellowship at dinner

I was fortunate enough to have great company each evening at dinner. Here is a picture of one such gathering:

Pictured (left to right): Kris Swank, Diedre Dawson, me, John Rateliff, Andrew Higgins, Jane Chance, Yoko Hemmi, and my PhD chair Dimitra Fimi. Photo taken by Douglas Anderson.

Tolkien Art Index

Erik Mueller-Harder shared this phenomenal resource that he has been working diligently to compile. It is a standardized list of Tolkien’s images. The usefulness and descriptiveness of the index makes it practical and influential. It should become the standard reference for Tolkien’s images.

Find the index here:

Tales After Tolkien Society

I was elected a Vice-President of the society, an honor that I hope to live up to!

Many Meeting

I had several meaningful interactions and can’t wait to get to work on some of the ideas I brought home from the conference! The encouragement and insight of scholars whose work I admire is truly one of the greatest assets of a conference like this. I hope everyone made it home safe!