TEP #41 — Matt from “The Nerd of the Rings”

For this episode, I had the chance to catch up with the creator of the YouTube Channel The Nerd of the Rings!

Matt started his channel to talk about his passion for Tolkien and it has really taken off over the past two years! I was able to have a great conversation with him about what some of his favorite topics have been, and how he was first introduced to Tolkien’s world!

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Links to audio of this interview are below!

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One thought on “TEP #41 — Matt from “The Nerd of the Rings”

  1. JQ

    This is about the big honking Middle Earth dvd collection… only half of it is good. I wish it were THE BOOKS presented that way instead of more movie discs. The Hobbit Trilogy ripped off LOTR in style and formula. Yes, P. Jackson plagiarized himself! You don’t need a big fold-out picture of the dwarf designs, they look stoopid! Just put a picture of the Ninja Turtles instead, because that’s what they are. Think of the action figure potential… 13 dwarfs all with their own special weapon & silly hairdo! The Hobbit story isn’t THAT LONG. They threw in a bunch of characters that don’t belong, with video gamey action sequences and awful comedy. Some of the cringiest moments imaginable were of flunkie Alfrid the Wormtongue wannabe… When they said Morgul Arrow, i almost crapped my pants. They just wanted to re-create the scene where Arwen helps Frodo with athelas plant… only it’s Kili and Tauriel 🙄🙄🙄 get the picture? It was the equivalent of midichlorians in Phantom Menace. I listened to the Hobbit Trilogy dvd commentary— PJ said he missed the opportunity to CGI balrogs riding dragons!!! Someone please take the saga out of this man’s hands before he ruins it even more. He is turning into another George Lucas. Please spare us all the big fat NZ hogs ya want to put in it. And I’m not talking about your daughters! I’m wondering what the Mithril Cut is 🤔 could it be they trimmed all the FAT OFF the Hobbit Trilogy? Having said all this, Unexpected Journey is actually “fine” the way it was (mostly). It was in the second two films they added anything and everything they wanted. To me, the Mithril Cut would be editing it down to a two-part, not three. There doesn’t need to be a love story at all or a fight sequence at every turn, when the dwarfs were SUPPOSED to run away from danger. When Azog fell into the ice, I thought WOW! I’d be glad if that was it for him. Thorin (who was the Lebron James of dwarfs) defeated him with a simple counter balance trick. Nope, Azog just had to burst out of the ice like Jason Vorhees or Freddy Kruger. That’s not even possible. You can’t jump thru ice like a glass window from being under water. What is he, part FROG??? Anyway… there’s about a hundred and one problems with the Hobbit Trilogy, it’s almost as bad as Kingdom of Krystal Meth, I mean— Skull. But I won’t go into all that here.


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