Tolkien Experience Podcast Shortlisted for Tolkien Society Awards 2021!

The Tolkien Society has released their shortlist for their 2021 awards, and my co-hosts and I are delighted and honored that the Tolkien Experience Podcast has made the shortlist for the Best Online Content category!

From the beginning, our goal with the podcast was to create a platform to celebrate the breadth and depth of Tolkien fandom. We wanted to foster a place where people can share their experiences with Tolkien, both praise and criticism.

We are so thankful to all of our guests who have shared their experiences with Tolkien and helped us more fully appreciate his impact on them and on our world.

If you want to see the complete shortlists, they are available here: Tolkien Society Awards 2021

I am humbled just to be nominated, and every nominee, in every category, has truly made the Tolkien community a better place this year, a year when, perhaps, we needed it more than ever.

Thank you,


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