TEP #4 – James Tauber

Our next guest on the Tolkien Experience Podcast wears many, dare we say geeky, hats. He is the founder and CEO of Eldarion, he helps develop tools for the digital humanities, he loves ancient languages, and he is the creator of DigitalTolkien.com: James Tauber!

james-tauberAll of James’s projects are impressive, but perhaps the one that most of our listeners will be drawn to is his work at DigitalTolkien.com. There James has been working on analyzing textual variants in The Silmarillion. He has also been working to apply the tools used in other areas of digital humanities to Tolkien’s texts. You can visit his website, or listen to the episode, for more information about these projects. We are delighted that he could join us!

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You can see James’s Tolkien projects at DigitalTolkien.com and find links to his other work at his personal website.

He also mentioned the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship.

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