Luke Shelton mentioned on!

Thanks to David Urbach for bringing this to my attention through the Tolkien Experience Facebook page!

00CIoTGK_400x400-300x300Megan N Fontenot has been writing an excellent series on the characters of Middle-earth on since early 2019. If you haven’t been reading them, you should be! Megan has an exceptional ability to communicate complex ideas through language that is engaging and approachable.

In her article on Gandalf, published yesterday, Megan graciously cited my work on young readers of LOTR! I am humbled that she remembers my work, and excited for the mention!

In return, I would like to use my own platform, small as it may be, to remind everyone that Megan is an award-winning scholar, having won the Alexei Kondratiex Award for best student paper at the 2018 Mythcon. Here paper was entitled “‘No Pagan ever loved his god’: Tolkien, Thompson, and the Beautification of the Gods” and is available to read online!

Megan and I met at the 2018 Mythcon in Atlanta, GA, and have communicated several times since. (We have even discussed working together on a couple of articles!) She is a remarkably kind and insightful scholar, writer, and person, and I really encourage you to follow her scholarship!

She maintains a profile on hcommons where you can see more of her work!

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