PhD Viva Completed!

I wanted to just send a short note out today letting you all know that yesterday I successfully completed my PhD viva. For my American readers, we would say that I defended my dissertation. The results were that I passed with minor corrections!

This means that I have a month to make mostly grammatical/typological corrections and then submit the completed thesis.

This is excellent news for me personally, and a huge boon for my project on the response of young readers of LotR!

Now we are starting to look into publication options for the project!

I just wanted to say again, I am so thankful to each of the participants who agreed to be a part of the study and to their parents/guardians for allowing participation. I could not have come this far without each of you, and I am so grateful! I share this accomplishment with all of you!

For anyone who wants to know more about the PhD Project, you can visit my information page.