Top Posts in 2019, #7: “Marcel Aubron-Bülles’s Experience”

This holiday season, I am closing out the year with a countdown of my top ten posts of the year!

For 2019, the number seven post was: Marcel Aubron-Bülles’s Experience–Tolkien Experience Project (45)

This was the most popular entry from the Tolkien Experience Project this year!

Marcel’s wonderful answer to the question “Has the way you approach Tolkien’s work changed over time?” really stuck out to me, probably because it shows our shared interest. Marcel says:

Yes, certainly – in the sense of a wider range of approaches to Tolkien’s life and works. It is obvious that theology, medievalist studies and any linguistic efforts are at the forefront of scholarly work in terms of JRRT. However, there are many other fields of interest which can shed light on many still undiscovered aspects of Tolkien’s imagination.

I am particularly interested in the reception of Tolkien’s works in the public eye and the fandom they have spawned, its past, present and future. As I have been a Tolkien activist and volunteer for 25+ years now (and a ‘fan’ myself for more than thirty) I am very much looking forward to be part of this outstanding group of people everywhere in the world, whatever the individual focus may be.

Be sure to go read the whole post for the rest of Marcel’s wonderful comments if you haven’t already!

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