TEP #9 – Dawn Walls-Thuma

This week we journey into the realm of fan studies and fanfiction! Our guest this week created a website dedicated to stories fanfiction inspired by The Silmarillion, and has also completed excellent scholarship on fandom: Dawn Walls-Thumma!

DawnWalls-ThummaWalls-Thumma’s website The Silmarillion Writer’s Guild is a place where writers of fanfiction that were inspired by Tolkien’s work can share their stories, provide feedback for each other, and find a sense of community. We really enjoyed hearing her story about setting up the website, and think it is a great place to visit! You can also find some of her insightful and important scholarship published at The Journal of Tolkien Research. We really hope you enjoy this interview as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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Dawn Walls-Thumma’s articles “Attainable Vistas: Historical Bias in Tolkien’s Legendarium as a Motive for Transformative Fanworks” and “Affirmational and Transformational Values and Practices in the Tolkien Fanfiction Community” are both excellent and completely free!